With 22,800 square kilometres (8,800 sq mi) of land and a population of 340,844 (2014 est.), Belize has the lowest population density in Central America. The country's population growth rate of 1.97% per year (2013) is the second highest in the region and one of the highest in the Western Hemisphere.


Cave Tubing and Belize Zipride - from San Ignacio

Become a "ziprider" today as you connect to a series of overhead cables criss-crossing the rainforest canopy. Go on a jungle trail hike before your cave tubing experience!

Duraition: 7 hours
Price: 139 USD / per person
Lamanai Maya Temples and New River Safari

See the Lamanai and be one with nature as you journey on with one of Belize's most interesting tours!

This is a premier opportunity to experience the best of Belize's attractions including Maya history, colonial history, flora and fauna, rivers and waterways.

Duraition: 8 hours
Price: 129 USD / per person
SNUBA Go Beyong Snorkeling - from San Pedro Town

If you want the thrill of an underwater breathing adventure without the hassle of becoming a certified diver or handling heavy gear - then SNUBA is for you! SNUBA diving is the safest and easiest way possible to experience the fascination of scuba diving with the simplicity of snorkeling.

Duraition: 3 hours
Price: 115 USD / per person