Costa Rica


Costa Rica was sparsely inhabited by indigenous people before it came under Spanish rule in the 16th century. Once a backwater colony, since attaining independence in the 19th century, Costa Rica has become one of the most stable, prosperous, and progressive nations in Latin America. It permanently abolished its army in 1949, becoming the first of a few sovereign nations without a standing army. Costa Rica has consistently been among the top-ranking Latin American countries in the Human Development Index (HDI), placing 62nd in the world as of 2012.


Cinco Ceibas Rainforest + Adventure Park Day Tour

Explore the natural beauty of Cinco Ceibas in a Rainforest Boardwalk Tour, and another activity of your choice (kayaking, oxen wagon, horseback riding)!

Duraition: 10 hours
Price: 108 USD / per person
Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest + Chocolate Adventure Tour - Small Group Tour

Befriend the the residents of the Selva Biological Reserve (toucans, monkeys, parrots and more), while discovering the secrets and wonders of the world's favorite food - chocolate!

Duraition: 10 hours
Price: 146 USD / per person
Tortuga Island Cruise from San Jose

Board a boat at Puntarenas and enjoy the Gulf of Nicoya, a beautiful archipelago and sea birds. We will stay on the cruise until we arrive at Tortuga Island, known for its immaculate white sand beach and turquoise waters - a perfect stop swimming and snorkeling!

Duraition: 12 hours
Price: 115 USD / per person