Spain - officially the Kingdom of Spain is a sovereign state and a member state of the European Union. It is located on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe.Tourism in Spain today is a major contributor to the national economic life contributing with 6.4% of Spain's GDP and ever since 1960s and 1970s, when the country became a popular destination for summer holidays, especially with the tourists from the British Isles, Portugal, France, Central Europe and Scandinavia. Spain has held strong position in world's tourism, being among the largest markets for holidays. In 2007, Spain became the second most visited country in the world after France. That year, almost 60 million foreign visitors came to visit Spain, according to the World Tourism Organization, which has its headquarters in Madrid. However, in 2010 Spain dropped to the fourth most visited country in the world after France, the United States and China with 53 million visitors.


Madrid Panoramic Tour

Take a morning tour in Madrid as we go to the most exciting places around the city. See the buildings and monuments and take an opportunity to stop at the Hard Rock Cafe with welcome drink.

Duraition: 3 hours
Price: 26.43 USD / per person
Caceres, Cordoba, Sevilla and Costa del Sol

We leave Madrid for Cáceres, in the region of Extremadura. We will have some free time to explore its Plaza Mayor and to walk through the old city. Its famous medieval quarter is very well preserved and is considered a World Heritage Site. You will have time for lunch at your own before we continue southwards to Andalucia and arrive at Cordoba. Dinner and accommodations.

Duraition: 4 days / 3 nights
Price: 567.76 USD / per person
Camp Nou Experience

This tour will reveal the history of the legendary football team FC Barcelona and explain the values that have made Barça "more than a club"! Enjoy the panoramic views of the stadium and visit the F.C.Barcelona modern Museum with the Skip the Line Ticket and go directly to the entrance!

Duraition: 1 hour 30 minutes
Price: 31.09 USD / per person
Tarragona and Sitges Trail

Step foot on the Tarragona, the old Roman capital. The Romans chose Tarragona's strategic position as the site of a military camp during their campaign against the Carthaginian troops in 218 BC. In time, this primitive fortress became the capital of Hispania Citerior, one of the biggest provinces within the Roman Empire.

Duraition: 1 day
Price: 106.79 USD / per person
Tropical Coast And Nerja Caves

320 days of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature of 20 degrees are the characteristics that give their name to the Costa Tropical, besides being washed by dozens of beaches and coves almost heavenly.

Duraition: 11 hours
Price: 86.52 USD / per person