Once a Spanish possession known as Santiago, in 1655 it came under the rule of England (later Great Britain), and was called Jamaica. It achieved full independence from the United Kingdom on 6 August 1962. With 2.8 million people, it is the third most populous Anglophone country in the Americas, after the United States and Canada. Kingston is the country's largest city and its capital, with a population of 937,700. Jamaica has a large diaspora around the world, due to emigration from the country.


Spirit of Reggae

Feel the spirit of the King of Reggae Music as you are expertly guided through the very house that Marley lived in as a young boy.

Duraition: 6 hours
Price: 102 USD / per person
Mountain Valley  Lethe Village

Drive through panoramic valley and mountain on your way to the river's edge for a relaxing and peaceful raft ride. Travel through the rustic Village of Lethe and discover its charm and grace.

Duraition: 5 hours
Price: 67 USD / per person
Kingston Tour

Enjoy a scenic ride from Montego Bay to the nation's bustling capital, Kingston. Drive south and visit many of the attractions in this Financial Capital of the West Indies.

Duraition: 10 hours
Price: 81 USD / per person