The indigenous Guaraní had been living in Paraguay for at least a millennium before the Spanish conquered the territory in the 16th century. Spanish settlers and Jesuit missions introduced Christianity and Spanish culture to the region. Paraguay was on the periphery of Spain's colonial empire, with few urban centers and a sparse population. Following independence from Spain in 1811, Paraguay was ruled by a series of dictators who implemented isolationist and protectionist policies.


Asuncion Museums

Visit the museums of Asuncion and explore the Indian, colonial and modern influences in the city.

Duraition: 3 hours
Price: 17 USD / per person
Bird Park - from Puerto Iguazu

Visit a world-class Bird Park in a subtropical forest. See over 500 kinds of birds and see how some of the endangered species are bred.

Duraition: 5 hours
Price: 57 USD / per person
Jesuit Ruins in Trinidad

Visit the Jesuit Reductions of Trinidad, which date back to 1706. Witness the most impressive creations of the religious works of the Jesuits and a testimonial to the history of the country.

Duraition: 18 hours
Price: 170 USD / per person