The Republic of Georgia--Sakartvelo to Georgians--is a country of varied landscapes.  It impresses with towering mountains and broad lowlands, extensive forests and deserts.  When experienced in combination, these elements of nature create an unforgettable experience.


Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, caught between the Greater and Lesser Caucasus mountain ranges, bordered to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by the Russian Federation, to the south-west by Azerbaijan and to the south by Turkey and Armenia.  Its history is tied to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between Europe and Asia.



What to see?


Historical monuments at UNESCO World Heritage sites: Bagrati and Gelati,

Jvari Monastery and Svetitskhoveli in Mtskheta, upper Svaneti

The mountain regions of Svaneti, Racha, Pshavi, Khevsureti and Meskheti-Javakheti

Ancient towers of Svaneti, Tusheti and Khevsureti

The cities of Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Mtskheta, Sighnagi, Telavi, Batumi, Zugdidi and Gori

Kakheti, the cradle of wine making

Black Sea resorts in the provinces of Achara, Samegrelo and Guria

Nature reserves and national parks across the country

Waterfalls, rivers, amazing lakes, healing springs and ancient caves


Casino Tours

Known as the ‘white pearl’ of the Caucasus, this picturesque resort by the sea offers a beautiful natural setting, vibrant night life and great casinos.  Batumi is the place to visit if you want an exciting mix of gaming and enjoyment.

Pilgrim Tours

Since then, on the blessed land of Georgia, except for Andrew preached by two Apostles of Christ - Simon the zealot, Mattathias and the apostles and the right light. Nino from Cappadocia. In the 6th century, thirteen Assyrian austerity monks established strict conformity of monk custom clearance. Since then, Georgia stands resolutely in his religion.

Marine and Mountain Tours

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Culinary Tours

In Georgia you is  awaiting for  a completely different, exotic and unique world of Cuisines and tastes...

Jeep Tours

Join the "Hello Georgia," Jeep Tour and discover the most inaccessible places of Georgia, beautiful cities, which fascinate anyone who sees the beauty. 

Folklore Tours

Folklore - a phenomenon develops from generation to generation, it mixes with people daily life and forms this way...

Eco Tours

Georgia is rich with protected areas or national parks, each has own value and uniqueness ...

Adventure / Historical Tours

With us you will discover amazing historical events and  the crazy world of adventure ...