Batumi casino tour

Batumi casino tour


Duraition: by your wish
Price: 0 USD / per person

Batumi casino


Known as the ‘white pearl’ of the Caucasus, this picturesque resort by the sea offers a beautiful natural setting, vibrant night life and great casinos.  Batumi is the place to visit if you want an exciting mix of gaming and enjoyment.


We invite fun-loving players to come and relax and have a good time.  Gamblers can choose among different kinds of poker, black jack, roulette, slot machines or electronic roulette.  Enjoy your favourite drink at the bar and try Georgian or European dishes prepared by professional chefs.


* With a minimum deposit of 5 000 USD and purchase of chips for this total

amount, your air tickets, transfer and meals will be free of charge.


Note: You may prefer to stay in Batumi for the duration of your visit but if you would like to see more of our beautiful country we offer many kinds of tours of various lengths.

Price depends on the duration of the tour.



Duration: optional

Price: USD amount per person, based on the terms you request*

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