Tours of Lagodekhi protected areas

Tours of Lagodekhi protected areas


Duraition: Eco-trails passing duration of 4 hours to 3 days
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Lagodekhi Protected Areas are located in the most north-eastern part of Georgia. They include the Lagodekhi Strict Nature Reserve and Lagodekhi Managed Nature Reserve along the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus range. The protected areas lie between 400-3500 m above sea level.


Lagodekhi is characterized by a temperate, humid subtropical climate.  Water abounds: the Ninoskhevi, Shromiskhevi, Lagodekhistskali and Matsimistskali have their source in the high mountains and create many rapids and waterfalls, which become quiet streams in the lower forest. In the Lagodekhi alpine zone are lovely lakes of glacial origin, the largest of which is the 14 metre deep Black Rock Lake, located on the Georgian- Russian border. There is an alternation of vertical zoning and habitats in this vast territory (19749 ha).


The Protected Areas are rich in endemic flora and fauna:  121 Lagodekhi botanical species are endemic to the Caucasus, nine are endemic to Georgia.  Lagodekhi is famous for its well preserved beech and hornbeam virgin forests. Besides these the higher regions have maple and Georgian- and mountain-oak groves, while in the subalpine zone Caucasian rhododendron is widespread.


Vertebrates are represented by 126 species, composed of four species of fish, five amphibians, 12 reptiles, 150 birds and 53 species of mammals. The nature reserves

are home to many invertebrates whose presence has not been researched in depth yet.


Several endangered species included in the Red List of Georgia inhabit the Lagodekhi Protected Areas. Among the ungulates are the chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra), the East Caucasian tur (Capra cylindricornis), the red deer (Cervus elaphus), roe deer

(Capreolus Capreolus), and wild boar (Sus scrofa). Among the carnivores are lynx

(Lynx lynx) and gray wolf (Canis lupus) as well as the brown bear (Ursa arctos).


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