Kakheti Folk Tour

Kakheti Folk Tour


Duraition: From 10 till 21 Days (by your choice)
Price: 0 USD / per person



All nations have a flag, a coat of arms and and anthem by which the rest of the world can identify them but the soul of a nation is found in folklore.  Georgia has a rich and complex folklore that reflects input from many ethnic groups over the centuries. And yet, it is distinct and instantly recognizable.


The focus of our tour is Georgian folk music. In 1977--from among all the music available in the then Soviet Union--the Kakhetian song Chakrulo was chosen for inclusion on the Voyager 2 Interstellar Record that NASA launched into space.  In 2001

UNESCO proclaimed Georgian polyphonic singing to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity that is in need of protection.


Despite having lived a history of many wars, foreign occupation and uncertainty, Georgians have never stopped singing.  Songs were created around everyday activities (work such as threshing, mowing or pressing grapes, hunting, lullabies, traveling) or special occasions such as a wedding procession or funeral, healing, dressing the bride, commemorating an historical event or a hero, Christmas, and of course love songs. Devotional chants are always sung a capella while secular songs are often accompanied by one of the many folk instruments, among which the chonguri, panduri and doli are the most popular.


During your stay in Georgia not only will you have an opportunity to study some of these songs but we will introduce you to the countryside, architecture, ethnographic sights and sounds, local cuisine and wine. The beautiful region of Kakheti, with a wine-making tradition that is thousands of years old, will welcome you.  Professional choir

conductorss of this region will guide you to sing gutnuri (ploughman’s song), a mravalzhamier (many happy years) and most importantly chakrulo, the heroic table song that is orbiting in space.


Note: Price depends on duration of the tour.