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Georgia is the only place in the world where you can visit both the sea and the desert, mountains and bar, green landscape and alpine zones, glaciers and rocks. So, join the "Hello Georgia," Jeep Tour and discover the most inaccessible places of Georgia, beautiful cities, which fascinate anyone who sees the beauty. You will go from Tbilisi to Vardzia. Will pass the river gorge where you can find historic castles Khertvisi and Tmogvi. 
You will also see the worlds unique monument, which is included in the UNESCO list. Vardsia - rock-cut complex. One of the most important and impressive historical monuments in Georgia. Vardsia is located 1300 m above sea level - on. Erusheti mountain cave is located 100 meters above sea level. Its length is half kilometer and consists of 13 floors.
Floors are linked through a system of tunnels. The total number of caves is more than 3000. King George III started building of Vardzia in - 1156 - 1184. Tamara King completed its construction in 1186. In the same period, the monastery was painted. Rock houses were built in 1183 - 1203,as well as church-related defenses, cache and irrigation facilities. 
Afterwards will visit an unique medieval fortress, which is a symbol of tolerance as there are located three great religion churches: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Rabati fortress had a great importance for the history; It was the main residence of Jakeli.
Depart from Akhaltsikhe to view the Lesser Caucasus Mountains in the area under natural beautiful landscapes . Climb high volcano mountains . In addition, will see one of the most important historical monuments - Zarzma. There are different opinions about the founding of the monastery Zarzma (VIII century , IX century) . Originally created by earlier feudal religious figure Zarzmeli Serapion , who was from Klarjeti , whose life is described by Basil Zarzmeli work .
In the evening will go to the Goderzi pass (2020 m.) and overnight there. Amazing views open from here: Adjara and Samtskhe - Javakheti sites, as well as the historical side of the Tao - Klarjeti, which is now belongs to Turkey.
We will cross Goderzi Pass and appear in amazing part Ajara, where the mountain and the sea air is blended. First we will visit the mountainous Adjara, where is the beautiful nature. Afterwards will go down through the gorge of the water which will lead us to the beautiful, called the pearl of the Black Sea - Batumi.
New impressions are waiting for you here. Sea waves, Asian and Renaissance architecture, are combined, as well as around the same time interesting Batumi life. You will enjoy spectacular views of the city night. Overnight in the hotel and get ready for the next adventure. We'll go to the world’s one of the most beautiful lakes called - "Tobavarchkhili," which in the local dialect means "silver lake". 
Tobavarchkhili, Silver Lake is located in one of the villages of Samegrelo Shimukhur the mountain. This is not an ordinary lake, it is clear lake in which you cannot find even 1 gram of dirt. There is a legend which says that when somebody tried to dirt it, through a coin or other way Scary Thunderstorm started the same moment. 
However, until we will see this place, we will see city Zugdidi, which is famous for its Botanical garden and palace of Dadiani. The palace itself is an Example of architectural art, it is turned into a museum today, and it contains things of great importance, the mask of Napoleon and most importantly robe of the Virgin Mary. Overnight near the lake.
In the morning we leave "Silver" lake’s beautiful nature, and we will go to the "Mamakalakad" called Kutaisi. According to the legend and opinion of the scientists – the city is built on the place of “Ia”. You will see a variety of caves near Kutaisi: Cave of Prometheus and Sataplia state reserve where you will see footprints of dinosaurs. Kutaisi will charm you with its beauty. 
You will also see monuments included in the list of UNESCO. The symbol of unity-bagrati temple. On the last day of the trip visit the ancient cave city - Uplistsikhe . Will also see the ancient capital city - Mtskheta. It is often called the second Jerusalem, as there is robe of Jesus in Svetitskhoveli . The tour will end in Tbilisi .

Rout: Tbilisi - Vardsia - Akhaltsikhe - Adigenis Lake - Zarzma Church - Goderzi Pass - Adjara - Batumi - Zugdidi - tobavarchkhlis Lake - Kutaisi - uplistsikhe - Mtskheta - Tbilisi

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