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Georgia is distinguished by its landscape. Here you will meet, the green orchards, and all types of landscapes. The Protected Areas are located among the two main vital sources, the main rivers of Kakheti – Iori and Alazani. The gorge is a deep and very beautiful canyon cut by a little ravine through the cliffs of limestone origin.
The territories of Vashlovani are distinguished with rare Wild pistachio trees(Pistaceamutica), arid light forests and bluestem-feather grass steppes. Foothills are covered with oak trees and ash-tree groves mixed with maple and elm. Here can be found barberry, Jerusalem thorn, smoke tree, peashrub, et al.
There are unique floodplain forest of Alazani and two little bays (Juma and Mijna) in Vashlovani National Park. The bays are the only place in Georgia where the walnut trees (Juglansregia) grow wild next toFloodplainoaks(Qurcuspedunculata), poplars (Populusnigra, P. canescens), ash trees(Fraxinus excelsior)andpomegranate (Punicagranatum), Peony(Paeoniamaiko), Wild grape (Vitissylvestris)and other rare plants.
About 700 plant species are described in Vashlovani, though among them can be distinguished the distribution of diversity of orchids (7 species), Georgian iris (Iris iberica), Eichler's tulip (Tulipaeichler)
Fauna of Vashlovani is quite diverse and attractive. 46 species of mammals inhabit Vashlovani. There are many jackals (Canisaureus), Red foxes(Vulpesvulpes), hares (Lepuseuropiacus), wolves (Canis lupus), lynxes(Lynx lynx), Jungle cats (Felischaus) and Indian porcupine(Hystrixindicus)and even Brown bears (Ursusarctos)in Vashlovani, which is so rare for semi-desert areas.
At the end of 2003 leopard (Pantherapardusciscaucasica)was discovered in Vashlovani. The scientists managed to shoot the photos of this animal (NACRES), unique for Georgia. The male leopard was named as Noah. He still inhabits the territory of Vashlovani and is a symbol and visit card of the National Park. In September 2008 the rangers saw the leopard in live .
The Vashlovani Strict Nature Reserve is very rich in ornithological viewpoint. One can find the flocks of thousands of Blackbirds and Rosy starlings in Vashlovani. There are many other small birds: sparrows, wheatears, goldfinches, and finches. Little bustards and more rarely – Great bustards can be found in winter. From the birds of prey Imperial eagles (Aquilaheliaca), Black vulture (Aegypiusmonachus), Griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus),Marsh harriers (Circus aeroginosus)and Buzzards can be found in Vashlovani. Chukars are abundant too. Rarely, but sometimes, there can be found Black Francolin too. And there are many Pheasants (Phasianuscolchicus) in the floodplain of Alazani, included in the territory of the National Park, whereas the colonies of swallows nest the Vashlovani steep clay slopes, called as “town of swallows”.
Waterfowls are abundant in Vashlovani; herons, cormorants, garganey, mallards and Red ducks, osprey, White tailed eagle can be found here.
The reptiles also play a significant role in the fauna of Vashlovani. 25 species are described there. Greek tortoise (Testudograeca), Schneider's skink, Caucasian agama, Caucasian sand boa and the snakes – Boa constrictor, Four-lined snake, Grass snake and Levantine viper can be found in the territory of the National Park
About 16 species of fish inhabit the Alazani River. There are still manycatfish, carp, pikeperch, shemaya, Bullheadcatfish, barbell and Caucasian herring in Alazani.

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