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Flag, Emblem and Anthem - the key attributes of statehood, and represent the exterior.The interior side - the folk spirit.There are many nations in the world who have their own unique folklore, due to which they represent their own soul and character.
Folklore - a phenomenon develops from generation to generation, it mixes with people daily life and forms this way. Sometimes, we encounter the rich folklore of the species, which is the mixofother ethnic groups and the local folk . In this regard, Georgia is a very rich country ,as the main determinant of the culture of our country, is not one or two, but many, each with its own angle characteristic of the folklore with all its elements.Each element of folklore, dance, music, poetry, or tools, aredistinguishedin the world with its sound and authenticity. Each of them is difficult but wonderful creature, and what is the more important is that these elements of folklore are very close to each other, nature of nation and nature.
Georgia impresseswith its polyphonic singing and chanting of the church. Georgian polyphonic singing, in 2001, was declared a UNESCO _ the world's intangible cultural heritage masterpiece. It should be noted that from the Soviet Union in 1974, only Georgian polyphonic singing - "Chakrulo ", was sent into space.
Georgian nation is generally musical, despite the history of many wars and lots of danger, people here never stopped singing . Therefore it should not be surprising that Georgia has a lot of different genres of folk songs , which are linked to the life of the different moments ( Labor , hunting , weddings , song , Love , War , and the party). Where the instruments are there is the song, Georgian folk is also richwith instruments. Georgia has lot of strings, drums and wind instruments. When you listen to Georgian tunes you will understand that UNESCO_ has rightly recognized the Georgian folk songs of the world's intangible cultural heritage. "Hello Georgia" offers to study at least small part of Georgian folk music.
One of the most beautiful sites of Georgia is waiting for you in our country - " Homeland of Wine" - Kakheti , where professional song conductors of this region will teach youfolk songs : " gutnurs ", "Mravaljamier " and , most importantly, the legendary "Chakrulo". During your stay in Georgia , you will not only study these songs , but also get acquainted with the local nature , architecture , cuisine , along with an unique wine and ethnography .

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