Duraition: 6 Nights / 7 Days
Price: 0 USD / per person

During the trip you will visit , a place where the legendary king ruled , the son of the god of the sun Heliosis , Ayety . Places where Aeetes and Medea fell in love. Will see Svan towers and brave soul of Caucasus Mountains . Will see immortal love legend of Tetnuldi and Ushbisa. Will travel among stalagmites and stalactites where lived dinosaurs and also palace of Dadiani royal family. Taste and you by yourself will try to prepare, delicious local dishes. Enjoy Georgian folk music.

… and what is more, you will be higher than any person in Europe, as you will stay in the highest populated region of the continent.

Places to visit:

Old Tbilisi – historical part of the city, covers suburbs which till 1936 were called “Tiflis”. Old Tbilisi covers following suburbs:

Abanotubani – Kharpukhi (the same Tfilisi, Seidabad later), Kala, Isan-Avlabari, Sololaki, Mtatsminda, Vere, Ortachala, Chugureti, Didube, Nadzaladevi. Most sights are concentrated in Old Tbilisi, and therefore, the main tourist attraction center. Since 2007, Old Tbilisi is candidate of being included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Metekhi - The historic district on a high cliff overlooking on the banks of the Kura River. This area is particularly sacred for Georgians, because here was tortured for Christianity saint of Tbilisi - St. Abo Tbileli. Here were also tortured one hundred thousand people for faith, there is no other fact in the history of torturing so many people in one day for religion.

Narikhala - one of the most beautiful district of Old Tbilisi where are built fortresses of different era. The exact date and time of the prison building is unknown. However, its main prison already existed in the seventh century, and was called envy fortress. Archaeologists find remains of the city's ancient walls even today, throughout the prison complex.

Abanotubani - This is the place where, according to legend, was established Tbilisi. There's lots of sulfuric medical baths, but Colorful bath, still stands out for its beauty and Asian elegance. District is distinguished by its multi-ethnic. The architecture is unique, this site is paradise for painters with its variety of colors and beautiful landscapes.

Sataplia - here you will mostly encounter, Colchis forest endemic species. However, its charms are Satapliya system of caves and the footprints of dinosaurs, where the preserve of the museum is around it, where you meet a lot of different kinds "of dinosaurs."

Dadiani Palace – among numerous Palaces of Dadians that are scattered in different parts of the country this palace is really wonderful. It fascinates visitors with its exquisite architecture from the very beginning. Nowadays, the palace is turned into museum where are kept valuable and rare exhibits, among which the most notable is the robe of the Virgin Mary . Here you will see the mask of Napoleon Bonaparte, which is made ​​in Paris , etc.
Garden of Dadiani Palace – with order of Catherine Chavchavadze was set up the most beautiful and unique garden. For this reason was invited the greatest artists and decorator of that time Josefa Babi from Treycity.

Svan towers – the pride of Svaneti and Georgia, a masterpiece of defensive structures around the world. Usually Svan towers are placed next to the residential houses. For centuries , except for the fact that it was used as a security building , the tower was used during peacetime living. ( Eg, during a severe winter when the snow cover usually covered houses, Svan population uses them for living for a while ) . Svan towers represent UNESCO- World Heritage sites . In addition, is awarded on “International Award Architecture Stone” premium " folk architecture " . By the way, some experts believe that the tower displayed in painting of famous Salvador Dali, "The Birth" is svanetian tower.

Mestia Ethnographic Museum - This museum is very interesting for visitors, because here are a Christian and other unique exhibits, among which are icons and collection of scripts. Here are a world-famous manuscript "Odishi otkhtavi" which was written in 837 and decorated with invaluable illustrations.

Monastery complex of Lamaria – in the highest inhabited region Ushguli, you will see monastery which demonstrates how to fuse the pagan culture of Christendom. The best example of this is Monastery Complex of Lamaria. It is built Lee Culture Christian. Maria is an excellent example of the monastic complex. It was built in the name of the Virgin Mary.


Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi / transfer to the hotel / overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 2: Kutaisi / Zugdidi /overnight in Mestia /
Day 3: Tour in Mestia /overnight in Mestia /
Day 4: Tour in Ushguli /Lamaria /overnight in Ushguli /
Day 5: Sataplia / Tbilisi night tour /overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 6: Tbilisi tour / overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 7: Transfer to the airport /

Note: Price depends on accommodation type and persons quantity.

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