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After Christ's ascension, Apostles with the instruction of Holy Spirit was divided the countries among each other with reference to disseminate Christianity. Georgia was the part of the mother of Mary . The country where was kept Prophet Elijah’s Khalens and Christ's robe. However, by decision of the Lord Jesus, Andrew was sent to Georgia instead of the Virgin Mary with his icon . Thus began the " Inclusion of Kartli " .....

Pilgrim places:

Svetitskholeli - a masterpiece of Georgian architecture. The first temple, which was erected after the adoption of Christianity. At first it was made of wood, in the 5th century stone church was erected on the site of the old one , which ruins are preserved. Finally, in the 11th century was built a cross-shaped Temple in the name of the Twelve Apostles Church. Catholicos of Kartli Melqisedek built a new temple on the place of old one. He invited Arsakidze as architecture . Construction began in 1010 and ended in 1029. Many holy things are kept in Svetitzkhoveli ,especially foot of saint Andria and of course priceless relics of Christianity - Christ's robe .

Monastery of Jvari (Cross)– Georgian monastery complex of 6th century, which is built near the merge of rivers Kura and Aragvi. It is built on the place where st.Nino put out the cross as a symbol of the victory of Christianity to Paganism. Jvari - the first cross-shaped architectural structure building in the world.

Metekhi - The historic district on a high cliff overlooking on the banks of the Kura River. This area is particularly sacred for Georgians, because here was tortured for Christianity saint of Tbilisi - St. Abo Tbileli. Here were also tortured one hundred thousand people for faith, there is no other fact in the history of torturing so many people in one day for religion.

Anchiskhati - VI century Christian church built in the reign of Dachiujarmeli. Anchiskhati church is 3 nave basilica itself is built of hewn ( initial layer ), and the upper part of the walls and all the bricks inside the pole (XVII century restoration ) . His name is associated with " Anchi " Savior icon in the XII century which is decorated by the greatest artists of 12th century Beka and Bekshen Opizars. Currently image is kept in the National Museum.

Sioni Cathedral of St. Mary Assumption - a monument of Georgian architecture , cross - domed temple. According to sayings Sion - one of the temples built by King Vakhtang. In Sioni Cathedral is Kept at the shrine of the Orthodox Church - St. Nino's cross. In Altar, under the sacrificial are buried near 550 years St. Evstati Mtskheteli parts.

Kashueti Temple - in this ancient temple, went through three stages of its life. The first church was built by David Garejeli on the site of miracle. The second time was built church in 18th century on the place of the first church with initiative if  milakhvars. 
Finally, in the years 1904-1910 the present church was built by the architect L. Bilfeld.

Holy Trinity Cathedral - Georgian Orthodox Church built in 1500 to commemorate the anniversary of Christ's birth in 2000, the Georgian church , the largest in the world - one stands out. Cathedral Trinity Temple complex consists of several churches. There are many relics, including marble tile from Mount Athos by name - "Jesus is Victory."

David Garedji – a wonder which is cut in cave, it may be considered as one of the major chroniclers. This historical monument since 6th century, after was found by Assyrian monk David it explicitly shared the rise and decline of our country's history. It always stood guard at the Georgian consciousness and spirituality. So you can see this sacred place where for centuries, many of the Holy Father even donated to defend Christianity and the Georgians.

Bodbe - beautiful suburb of Signaghi city, a place where saint Nino is buried. A beautiful garden decorates the monastery, where is located exquisite chapel. There is also a wonder spring near.

Khirsa monastery – is built in 6th century. This monastery was established by Assyrian father Stephen. He is buried there. It is said that his grave was worshipped not only by Georgian, but also Muslim Avars.

Old Gavazi - V-VI centuries Church. Church of the Virgin Mary, was built in the style of tetrakon. This holy temple had been attacked by enemy’s multiple times, however in 1850, Abkhazia and Amilakhvari finally rebuilt in its original form.

Nekresi - IV - VI centuries monastery complex . The City Nekresi was established in BC II - I cc. In 6th century the church was built by King Mithridates. And in 6th century here settled Assyrian father Abibus thanks to whom Nekresi became an educational center, which gave the city a big load of politically
Appellant. Nekresi complex includes : IV century minor basilica , VI 's. Three-church
Basilica , VIII - IX centuries Domed churches , palace of the same period , the dining hall and more.

Gremmi – was the richest and strongest city of the medieval period. The church was built as a grand city, but the city has fallen and did not revived soon, in contrast history saved its glory, cross- domed church of 16th with its magnificent decorations and architecture.

Virgin of Gurjaani - Georgian culture during the transitional period (VIII century).
A perfect example of that. Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is unique as it’s the only two-domed church in Georgia. The miracle of this temple is that it helps mothers to have milk.

Old Shuamta - monastery complex of VI - VII centuries. Here is - one of the Ancient Christian churches of Georgia, three-nave Basilica of 5th century. Cross-domed church of 7th century. Preserved fragments of frescos, inscriptions on the walls.

New Shuamta - Cross-domed church of 16th century. Monastery was established in 50th, since the old monastery got empty. New Monastery was established by King of Kakheti Levan and his wife Tinatine, who became a monk and is buried in a monastery.

Alaverdi - Cathedral and monastery surrounded with walls. Center of Alaverdi Eparchy. Is situated on Alazani valley near village Alaveri( district municipality of Akhmeta) , Alaverdi monastery was founded in the mid- 6th century by Joseph Alaverdeli . At the beginning of 11th century king of kakh’s Kvirike built cathedral on the place of small church of st.George’s name, which was the highest one before Holly Trinity’s cathedral. Due to its strategical location, population used to gather there during invasions. His name was linked to the Bakhtrioni rebellion , when the Georgians miraculously defeated the invaders.


Day 1: Arrival in Tbilisi International Airport/ transfer to the hotel / overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 2: Mtskheta / Jvari / Svetickhoveli / Samtavro / overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 3: David Gareji / Signagi /Bodbe / Khirsa / overnight in Sighnaghi /
Day 4: Old Gavazi / Nekresi / Gremi / Gurjaani / overnight in Sighnaghi /
Day 5: Old Shua Mta / New Shua Mta / Alaverdi / overnight in Tbilisi /
Day 6: Transfer to the airport /

Note: Price depends on accommodation type and persons quantity.

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